10 best universities to study in Belgium for international students

10 best universities to study in Belgium / Located in the heart of Western Europe, Belgium is world-famous for its music, chocolate, and famous Belgian waffles. Moreover, Belgium is an important cultural cornerstone of Europe, home to stunning architectural museums as well as some of the continent’s top universities, making it an attractive choice for international students from all over the world.

The largest cities in Belgium are the capital of Brussels, Antwerp, Liege, Ghent, and Charleroi. French is the main language, but there are also large Dutch and smaller German-speaking communities in the East. If you are an international student, you don’t have to worry because depending on your course, you will be able to spend most of your time in English. In this article, we take a look at some of the best universities in Belgium for international students.

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How satisfied are international students with studying in Belgium?

Feedback from international students who spend a semester or a full program in Belgium is extremely positive. Students mostly praise the quality of life in the city, which has everything from museums to nightclubs and social events of all kinds. Another very attractive for students is the country brings an international atmosphere in three major languages, and many people from all over the world live or study there, allowing students to interact with people of different backgrounds, values, and traditions.

The people there are very welcoming, and it doesn’t take long for students to adapt to the new environment. Belgian cities are not very big and easy to get around by bike, but they are big enough to offer everything a young man could want. The location of the country is also ideal for easy access to other important European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, etc.

What are the most popular courses in Belgium for international students?

Since most Bachelor’s programs are taught in French or Dutch, many students prefer to come to Belgium to study for a master’s degree because there are more English-language program options available. Belgium is also a lucrative option for doctoral students, with plenty of scholarships and other benefits offered by universities across the country.

How many international students study in Belgium?

As mentioned in the previous lines, Belgium is the number one destination for international students from all over the world. While the pandemic may reduce student numbers for years to come, we can expect things to eventually return to normal.

Currently, there are about 50,000 international students in Belgium, most of whom study in Brussels, but a large number also study in other cities. One of the main reasons for the high number of foreign students is the joint Erasmus exchange and Mundus master’s degree program.

What is the most famous university in Belgium?

Belgium has many world-class educational institutions, but the most prestigious of these is the Catholic University of Leuven or the University of Leuven, which ranks 45th in the world according to the Times Higher Education University Rankings 2020. It is also the largest university in the country with more than 45,000 students.

What are the 10 best universities to study in Belgium for international students

In the following lines we will mention with you the top 10 universities to study in Belgium for international students, they are as follows :

1# Ko lovin University

The University of Leuven is the oldest and best university in Belgium for international students, consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and number one in Belgium. Founded in 1425, it is primarily a Dutch-speaking university, but also French and English.

Number of international students: 9,868

Percentage of international students: 17%

With the current international student population of about 10,000, the university is well regarded by foreign students for the excellent quality of study subjects and pleasant extracurricular activities. Foreign students rated this institution with 4.2 out of 5 ratings based on various criteria.

2# Ghent University

Ghent University is among the top 10 universities to study in Belgium for international students, it even ranks higher than the University of Leuven according to some indicators. It was founded in 1817. It is known for being a world leader in veterinary medicine. The main language of education is also Dutch, but there are also graduate programs that are taught in English.

Number of international students: 4,200

Percentage of international students: 10%

Ghent University has a large number of international students who like the openness of the institution to people of all backgrounds and religions, which makes them feel at home

3# Catholic University of Louvain

Founded in 1425, the Catholic University of Louvain is one of the oldest universities in Europe and the largest French-speaking university in Belgium. More than 30,000 students are currently enrolled at the university, many of them from abroad. UCL has a very selective admissions policy, based on entrance exams, the student’s previous academic performance, and records. Their diplomas are internationally recognized, attracting students from all over the world.

Number of international students: not available

Percentage of international students: not available

4# University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp, located among the top 10 universities to study in Belgium for international students as it is located in the city of Antwerp, is one of the top universities in Belgium. It was founded in 2003 by the merger of three smaller universities. This university has an entrepreneurial approach and high levels of Education.

Number of international students: 2.700

Percentage of international students: 13%

The UAE University offers a range of programs taught in English, but this is mainly aimed at Advanced Master’s and master’s degrees. All bachelor’s programs are taught in Dutch. For students who still want to enter the university as a Bachelor, they offer a one-year Language Study program before starting their degrees.

5# Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Although it is not ranked as high as some other Belgian universities, it is probably the best university in the country for international students. It offers courses in English and Dutch for all degrees, including Bachelor’s, unlike most other programs, you will see this list is ideal for foreigners coming to study here.

Number of international students: 4.110

Percentage of international students: 23%

The city of Brussels is also a great place to spend your student years, so it is not surprising that people from all over the world attend the University and make up a high percentage of the student population. There is a lot of useful information on their website, so be sure to check it out if you are interested.

6# University of Liege

The University of Liege, located in the Walloon region, is a French-speaking university ranked among the top 300 universities worldwide. As the best university in Belgium for international students, it has an impressive staff including more than 2,000 academic and technical scientists who are engaged in research on a variety of different topics.

Number of international students: 5.846

Percentage of international students: 23%

The University of Liege is also home to nearly 6,000 international students, offering them degree options such as the Erasmus Mundus MSc in foreign languages and the Joint International Master’s degree program in development cooperation.

7# Free University of Brussels

The Free University of Brussels is a French-speaking research university located in Brussels. It is one of the most important universities in the country and a major research center in Europe and the world.

Number of international students: 8.000

Percentage of international students: 33%

With a third of the enrolled students coming from abroad, it is clear that ULP is one of the best options for foreign students when studying in Belgium. There are three main branches, including the Erasmus campus in Anderlecht. Unfortunately, learning French may be necessary if you want to go there because most of the courses are in this language.

8# Hasselt University

Although Hasselt University is relatively smaller than other universities in Belgium, it is a prestigious institution with an outstanding international orientation, which is why it makes it among the top 10 universities to study in Belgium for international students. Their offerings are top-notch equipment whose students not only know, but also have valuable experience in real-world settings.

Number of international students: 950

Percentage of international students: 15%

Hasselt University offers a master’s degree in English but requires a pre-entry test to prove your command of the language. The list of Master’s degrees in English is the master of biomedical sciences statistics of management of internal architecture and transport Sciences.

9# University of Mons

The University of Mons is the smallest of the four universities in the French-speaking part of Belgium. It was founded on January 1, 2009, from the merger of two smaller universities in the same city. Approximately 6,000 students are currently enrolled at Umm University.

Number of international students: 950

Percentage of international students: 15%

Umm offers a variety of different benefits for international students. There are several master’s degrees to choose from, which offer assistance in learning the language. Registration requirements depend on a variety of factors. Visit their website because they have much information listed specifically for international students.

10# University of Namur

We conclude the list of the 10 best universities to study in Belgium for international students

The University of Namur is located in the Walloon capital Namur. This is a French-speaking university, and most foreign students come from French-speaking African countries, but there are also five master’s programs in English: master of Economics, Master of chemistry, master of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Molecular Microbiology, and specialized master of International Economics and development.

The city of Namur is well connected with the capital Brussels and other major centers by rail. The universities there offer high-quality housing populated by international student communities, ensuring a great cultural and social experience.

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