A Brief Book Of English Grammar From A To Z Pdf

English grammar is a set of linguistic structures that define different expressions in the English language such as the composition of words and phrases, and the grammar of the English language has evolved over time several times before reaching what it is now, it is known that the number of letters in the English alphabet is 26 letters , Which is divided into consonants and vowels, the sentence in the English language consists of several main components, which are the subject, verb, object, complement, and adverb, and the main tenses in it are the present and the past, while the future tense needs an auxiliary verb to form it, the word is mainly divided in the English language To a verb, noun, adjective, adverb, preposition, and pronoun, the verb phrase may contain a compound structure, and there are many expressions for which prepositions are used, which we will discuss next.

Basics of English grammar

1- Identification and denial tools

First) the definition tool (the) that is used to define the thing referred to, as well as it is used in the preference method and sometimes it is used with the plural country names.

Second) The disguises (a) or (an) are used before singular nouns that the recipient does not know exactly what they mean.

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2. The components of the main sentence

The sentence in the English language consists of the subject and the verb as a minimum to construct a basic sentence in the language and the subject in the English language comes first in the sentence, followed by the verb second, then the object.

3. Sections of the keyword

1. Name: It is divided into three sections: a counted name, an uncounted noun, and a flag name.

First) the countable noun / is the noun whose quantity can be expressed by a number, and the plural in the English language is usually by adding the letter S at the end of the word, except for the base anomalies.

Second) The noun that is not countable / is the quantity of which cannot be expressed with a number, since it is not added to the letter s, and also a denier (one-a-an) is not added to it.

Third) The scientific name / is a special name that expresses people, places, or institutions, and this type of name does not include the disguising instrument and may accept the definition tool in some cases.

4. Different pronouns, whether they are subject, object, sign, or possessive pronouns, and others

5- Verbs that are divided according to the time of its inflection or in terms of imperative and infringement

6. Attributes and adverbs

7. Different times

8. Modes of the condition and the interrogative

The importance of learning English grammar

Learning the grammar of the English language is its importance in that it helps you to control the language correctly, learning the language without its grammar will make you learn the language in a limited and superficial way only, so learning the rules helps you to form correct structures, and even at the level of the learning stage, trusting the rules helps to learn the language Faster.

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And if you want to learn all English grammar in a simple and smooth way, you can download a brief book of English grammar from A to Z

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