A Free Full English Course Offered By The American University

Why should you learn english?

In this essay, we’ll discuss one of the top resources for learning English.

Download a full English course for free from the American University:

We give you the option to entirely download a free English course from the American University so that you can learn it whenever you choose on your phone or computer.

  • And it’s the course that American University offers on YouTube.
  • The course consists of 80 videos that are broken up into three sections. The justification is not at all difficult to understand. The beginner of the course will begin with you from scratch, even if you are at their level.
  • The course’s ability to be viewed for free on YouTube is one of its benefits.
  • And you can utilise this if things stops making sense to you or if you can’t make out a certain word in the movie.
  • After stopping the video and understanding what it means, you can prepare it multiple times for a guide who can comprehend it and understand what it means.
  • Additionally, the course includes explanations from native speakers of the language, which will help you become more adept at listening to it and will also help you recognise the correct letter exits.

A free full English course offered by the American University, Free English Course: –

A variety of different courses are available on the well-known English For You channel to help you grow and improve your level of English.

The course is divided into three sections:

1- eginner Level
2- E lementary Level
3- I ntermediate Level

Organize your time so that you can watch all 80 of the course videos; after you do, your English proficiency will have improved.

How to choose a suitable full English course:

The desire to study does not satisfy its owner, and in non-speaking nations, the desire to acquire the English language is a crucial prerequisite.E

Especially considering that it is the global official language.

Therefore, it is kindly urged of any student looking for a full English course to keep the following considerations in mind when making their choice:

  • To first consider his motivations for wanting to learn English. He needs it spoken only because some of them desire to learn it for their jobs.

Some of them aspire to learn how to speak and write, while others are students who wish to improve their abilities while learning.

  • Additionally, the objective must be established initially, and the best line of action should be decided upon in light of it.
  • when he wishes to base his study of the English language on it.
  • He needs to regularly attend class and spend some time learning the English language.
  • And in an environment that is suitable for ongoing reconnaissance and research.


Choose your level

1- eginner Level
2- E lementary Level
3- I ntermediate Level

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