Batterjee Medical College scholarships in Saudi Arabia

There are fully funded opportunities at Batterjee College of Medicine in Saudi Arabia. It is good to know that international students who are interested in the medical scholarship can apply at the college for funding once the applicants fulfill the eligibility requirements.

The Batterjee College of Medicine Scholarships for International Students 2022-2023 are great opportunities because the scholarships need a basic academic record and also for excellence. The need base case scholarship will help you to get funding up to 35% of the scholarships while studying at the university.

Batterjee College of Medicine has also given opportunities to international students who have achieved excellent academic achievement, this scholarship can help applicants cover tuition fees for up to 3 to 5 years based on an offer of unconditional admission to the university for international students.

Batterjee Medicine College Details :

Country: Saudi Arabia
Batterjee Medicine College
Type: Full Scholarship (If Eligible)
Award t be Taken in: Saudi Arabia
Gender: Both Males and Females
Study Level: BSC
Nationalities: International Students

Available Courses

1 – Preparatory year program

Plan the preparatory year for students after transitioning out of high school so that they can harmonize in the college climate, and get away from the downsides of a major change of course between the two stages. This year is seen as an important subjective leap that takes the student mentally and socially from pre-college to scholarly review stage, which requires action, exploration, and imagination of some sort.

2- Human Medicine Program

Bachelor of Human Medicine degree program at Batterjee Medical Collegel is intended to get ready attention and advancements to address difficulties to the ways of behaving required graduates with information, abilities and wellbeing.

3- Dental program

The Batterjee College of Dentistry program was commissioned in 2007 and is completely dedicated to giving students the best theoretical and clinical educational services.

4- Pharmacy Program

After spending the preparatory year at Batterjee Medical College, students can sign up for the Pharmacy Program (Pharmologist), which lasts for five academic years of theoretical and practical learning. The program offers graduates the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (Doctor of Pharmacy), after the student has successfully passed all the courses specified for him in his plan, in the last training year.

5- Physiotherapy program

Four years of full-time study is what the program requires, plus one year of practical training (internship). Each academic year consists of two semesters. The average duration of each semester is 15 weeks.

6- Health management program

Health administration represents the association of health care with business. Graduates may find employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, commercial offices, academic institutions, and health insurance companies.

7- Nursing Program

A nurse is concerned with three basic aspects which are physical, psychological and spiritual. If you aspire to help people through healthcare, then nursing is the field for you. Completing your studies and earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing is the first step in a nursing career.

8- Occupational Therapy Program

Occupational therapy is a profession that is widely recognized globally as a diverse, evidence-based health medical profession that meets all of the functional needs of society. The occupational therapy program also confers a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy.

9- Radiology Science Program

Where the radiology of all kinds is called “the eye of medicine” and it is the main focus in the medical diagnosis process for patients, through which specialists can check inside the human body with high accuracy, and thus have the ability to assess the patient’s condition, and then they can determine the appropriate diagnosis for him, and guide the treating physician Appropriate treatment.

10- Respiratory Therapy Program

The respiratory therapy program is designed to prepare the individual to become a practitioner of respiratory therapy. The study plan of the Respiratory Therapy Department at Batterjee College of Medical Sciences will help him become a respiratory therapy practitioner and give him the ability to meet the needs of the community around him.

The preparatory year in Batterjee College scholarships

Batterjee Medical College offers a number of scholarships and financial support programs that are considered the best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Eager to contribute to community service, and help students achieve their academic aspirations.

  • Registration fees 3,500 SAR
  • Program fees per semester: 30,000 SAR

After being accepted into Batterjee Medical College, all admitted students are required to pay the semester tuition fees within a period of time specified by the college.

Documents required to register for the Batterjee Scholarship

  •  A copy of your passport or national ID
  •  Copies of academic transcripts. Find  out the required format here
  •  statement of purpose
  •  motivation letter
  •  recommendation Letter
  •  Biography
  •  School/University Marks Statement
  • Training   certificates  (if any)
  •  English language certificates such as  TOEFL  or  IELTS  are required to register at the university.

Conditions for applying for a college scholarship

  • Candidates must have high academic performance (95% high school score). They must present their grades and Certificates of Excellence that they have previously earned.
  • Candidates must have leadership, teamwork and positive communication skills.
  • Candidates must be willing to engage in community service.
  • Candidates must pass the personal interview with the scholarship committee.

Register for the Batterjee Scholarship

For any other query or assistance, please send an email to us at  [email protected]  or call:  +966-580222237 ,  +966-593951999 ,  +966-541957606


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