Completely free courses provided and approved by Google

If you are one of the people interested in self-development through e-learning and educational courses provided through the Internet, the courses provided by Google are the best starting point for developing yourself scientifically and professionally in order to be ready for any new job opportunity through which you seek to improve the level of Your living or improving your social and professional position.

A glimpse of the free courses offered by Google

Google strives to be the always leading company in the field of technology and software development, and as part of its endeavor to be a leading company at all levels, Google has launched a variety of completely free courses and training programs that help qualify young people and graduates from various practical categories to the local and international labor market.

Domains offered through Google courses

Google offers a variety of free educational content specially designed to help you grow your business or start your career. You have the freedom to choose between participating in a full course or choosing specific modules as you wish. As these courses include the following specializations:

1- Data and technology

2- Professional and career development

3- Digital Marketing

4- Personal development and communication skills development

Duration and cost of courses provided by Google

The duration of these courses ranges from 10 hours to 40 hours, and they are all offered on Google platforms for free. Some courses also include obtaining a certified Google certificate that helps you improve your CV and get a job faster and easier.

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If you are really interested in obtaining one of these educational courses from Google, you can now apply from here  


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