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So, you have decided to study digital marketing and embark on a journey to become a digital marketer. The only step that remains is to choose a digital marketing college to enroll with. This can be quite tricky as you need to know that the digital marketing course of your choice contains the most amount of value in the form of its content and that justifies you spending your hard-earned money.

The digital marketing space is very broad. What this means is that you could easily enroll with a college whose digital marketing course might only cover the bare minimum when it comes to industry requirements.

Ultimately, if you want to take your career seriously and grow as a professional then it’s essential you do some homework when it comes to the different topics your digital marketing college includes in its digital marketing course and certification.

The last thing you want is ending up feeling like you’ve wasted your money. That is why we decided to write an article about what we include in our Digital Marketing Course and why we think these topics should be included in all other digital marketing courses 

Digital Marketing Course subjects

1- SEO Course

To begin with, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process that ensures a higher ranking of your website in the search engine.

In particular, SEO gets more traffic that is organic & relevant. This module of digital marketing training courses is crucial as it determines the rank of the website.

In addition, SEO can be thought of as increasing the visibility of your website so that it reaches the right audience.

Furthermore, when you end up ranking on top of search results, you can easily expect higher activities on your website, more brand visibility, brand awareness, and conversions.

Lastly, with the knowledge SEO friendly domain, SEO-friendly designs, link building, mobile SEO, off-page and on-page SEO, you can easily leverage your brand’s online presence.

However, some of the SEO techniques that you will learn from SEO marketing course are:

On-Page & Off-Page SEO Practices

  • Learn use of HTML, URL, Title, Meta Tags, H1, & Images
  • Understand concepts of Crawling of XML & HTML Sitemaps
  • Know Robots.txt, Achor text, & role of Linking
  • Go through off-page SEO Tips & Tricks

Learn SEO Via Best SEO Tools

  • Practice SEO with Google Search Console, Google Analytics setup, and Bing Webmaster SEO Tools
  • Understand the working of the Keyword Planner tool and learn how to map keyword to Web pages
  • Learn SEO Tools to do effective Competition Analysis
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Learn SEO Relevant Website Design Practices

  • Know how to make your website SEO friendly
  • Understand Mobile responsive design & the Importance of HTTPs
  • Delve into specifications of Site schema & Technical Website Optimization
  • Know the role of URL Architecture and do Page Speed Analysis
  • Find out concepts related to Broken links, 301 redirects, Canonicalization, & Custom 404 Error pages

Understand Best Link-Building Practices

  • Learn what is Link building & Content marketing basics
  • Know what Directory submissions, Local listings, and Niche backlinking are
  • Understand Social bookmarking, Press Release, Blog & Article Optimization
  • Find out SEO driven SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) Strategies
  • Uncover Social Media Backlinking, ORM & Influencer Outreach
  • Delve into Local Seo & Mobile SEO practices

SEO Site Audit & Algorithm Update

  • Learn On-page & Off-page SEO Audit Plans
  • Delve into SEO audit tools like Screaming Frog, SEOprofiler, Moz, & domain tools
  • Go through different Google SEO Algorithm Updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird

SEO Analytics

  • Understand SEO Tracking and Related Metrics
  • Know how to Google Analytics Custom Reports & create your SEO dashboard

2- Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing still plays a significant role in the digital marketing space. Learning how to design an effective email while understanding how important customer segmentation is when it comes to direct marketing can go a long way in becoming a solid digital marketing expert

Email is a major component that helps to facilitate your conversion funnel effectively. A lot of people in these past years have doubted the efficacy of email marketing. But, it remains one of the best ways to connect with your consumers directly.

Emails do not meddle or come in the way of your work. They are completely non-intrusive. Your prospects and consumers can read their emails as and when they want.

Also, most email copies are action-oriented and include a persuasive call to action. This helps to not only drive traffic to websites but also provide an incentive to your consumers. As consumers receive value from your brand, they are willing to turn loyal customers and ultimately brand evangelists.

A strategic email campaign can be a boon for your overall business goals and objectives. You can not only increase your sales but also create camaraderie with your customers which will last a lifetime.

Some of the terms you need to be comprehended well are the following: 

  • Auto Responder
  • Call To Action
  • Subject Line
  • Cold Email
  • Conversion Rates
  • Double Opt-in
  • Email Queue
  •  Domain Blacklist
  • Email Campaign
  • Split and A/B Testing
  • Email List
  • Templates
  • HTML Tags
  • List Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Newsletter Opt-out
  • Reply Rate
  • Sender Score
  • Spam
  • Unsubscribe List
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Deliverability
  • Multivariate Testing And Others

If you want to become proficient in email marketing, you should have an incisive understanding of the different email marketing tools. They help to smoothen the process of sending emails to your target as well as existing customers

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3- Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing

To begin with, Social Media Marketing is another important dimension of digital marketing training courses.

By the way, there was a time when social media platforms were only used to connect with friends and share one’s personal thoughts and feelings with the world.

However, with the increased use of Social Media, it has become one of the core components of digital marketing.

Consequently, the big brands soon recognized the potential of Social Media. Subsequently, they quickly incorporated it into their promotional activities. This makes Social Media Marketing an integral part of a Digital Marketing Course Content.

Moreover, it is the youngest form of digital marketing, which helps brands to bring forth their image and message in a trendy way.

Usually, it is one of the most impactful forms of marketing, making it a necessary part of every marketing campaign.

When one opts for this Digital Marketing Course Content, he/she can learn how to research and know their audience, create high-quality relevant content, manage the business communication on different Social Media Platforms.

Generally, Social media marketing isn’t as easy as just scrolling down Facebook or Instagram and posting whatever one feels like. The social media course helps a business align its business plans with its Social Media Activities.

Particularly, the Social Media Marketing Course includes-

Know SMM History & Social Media Importance

  • Understand the evolution of Social Media Channels
  • Go through relevant Social Media Stats and Trends (in India & Abroad)
  • Understand Social Media Marketing via Social Media Success Stories
  • Know key Idiosyncrasies of all Social Media Channels
  • Learn how to choose relevant Social Channel for your Business
  • Understand what is multi-channel Social Media Marketing

Understand Community Building & Develop Facebook Marketing Strategies

  • Know what is community building on Facebook and how to create the right Facebook Brand Pages
  • Go through EndgeRank Algorithm to understand how successful marketers engage their audiences on Fb
  • Create Facebook Pages and Implement Facebook Marketing Strategies
  • Understand Facebook Marketing to ensure an increase in followers, fans, and engagements
  • Go through Important Facebook Insights and Success Stories
  • Implement Facebook Marketing Strategies from Goals to Revenues
  • Understand Competitive Research on Facebook

Understand Facebook Ads

Digital Marketing Course Content

Facebook Advertising

  • Go through different types of Facebook Ads
  • Do a Comparative analysis of Facebook Ads & Google AdWords
  • Know the role of CTR in Facebook
  • Understand how to create an Ad Copy in Facebook Advertising
  • Optimize your Ad Copy and do result-oriented Targeting

Understand Twitter Marketing & Types Of Twitter Ads

  • Understand the basics of Twitter Marketing
  • Know what is Hashtag, how to create Twitter Trends
  • Understand how to do Brand Building, PR, and Customer Engagement on Twitter
  • Go through Twitter Marketing Tools
  • Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy
  • Know different kinds of Twitter Marketing Campaigns
  • Learn what is Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends on Twitter
  • Go through Different Types of Twitter Ads
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Understand LinkedIn Marketing In B2B Businesses

  • Understand LinkedIn basics and how to do lead generation on LinkedIn
  • Know how to create LinkedIn Company Page, Groups, and Developer API
  • Go through different LinkedIn Ads and understand how to run them to generate leads
  • Delve into LinkedIn for HRs, Job-Seekers and Businesses Programs

Learn YouTube Marketing

  • Delve into the basics of YouTube Marketing
  • Understand the best YouTube Marketing Practices & Tools
  • Know YouTube Ads and understand their dynamics
  • Go through case studies of viral national and international YouTube Campaigns
  • Learn key Idiosyncrasies of Successful Video Marketing

Understand Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat & Other Social Media Marketing

  • Learn Pinterest Marketing, Ads, and Best Practices
  • Implement Pinterest for Business
  • Understand Instagram Basics, Ads, Tools, and Practices
  • Delve into Snapchat Advertising
  • Understand how to use Google+, SlideShare
  • Know how Social Channels generate ROI for businesses

Delve Into Social Media Marketing Analytics

  • Learn how to do Measurement on Social Media
  • Go through the Framework for ROI Measurement
  • Understand how to create an ROI Metrics Dashboard for SMM
  • Find out different Social Media Marketing Tools to Measure ROI

What are the best channels to learn digital marketing ?

There are many channels, and sources that you can rely on; To get started, however, you must first determine how you want to learn, whether it is through channels or online resources such as articles and books.

If you want to learn the field rather than the channels, this is the best I recommend to you to get started.

What are the best sites to learn to digital marketing ?

This site is one of the best sites in the world, marketing, especially content marketing.

What are the best courses?

Coursera is a course that offers marketing courses, and is accredited by multiple and top universities.

Article Summary

The field of marketing is an integral part of our daily life, and it can be your source of income and the future life that you have started now needs it all the time.

1- seo

2- Social media

3- Content owners and public figures.

4- Via e-mail.

5- Ads and search engines.

So take the initiative and quickly learn that field so that it adds a lot to your life.

And by your arrival here, my dear, we have finished this article, and I hope that you have received what I meant by entering it, and that you have enjoyed our trip.

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