Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2023-24: What you need to know

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a public exploration college located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Erasmus Scholarship is a fully sponsored scholarship to study Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree programs at different European universities. The European Commission will bear all costs. Erasmus Mundus scholarship is an important scholarship programme. 2,500 scholarships will be awarded. The college is named after Erasmus Rotterdam’s Desiderius, a 15th-century humanist and scholar.

about Erasmus Mundas Scholarships 2023 

  1. Country: Europe, and other Countries
  2. Funded by: European Commission
  3. Financial Coverage: Entirely Financed
  4. Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD


  1. Erasmus is a fully funded scholarship program with all costs covered for each student.
  2. They will cover all of your costs.
  3. Monthly stipend (around 1100-1200€ each month)
  4. Free tuition.
  5. Travel allowance.
  6. World airline tickets.
  7. Allowance for travel from one country to another at the end of your semester.
  8. There are no restrictions on bonds to return to the country.
  9. A work visa is granted after obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree. Employment degree in Europe after completion of the degree.

Courses Offered

  1. Engineering
  2. Computer Science
  3. Business
  4. Economics
  5. Law

What Can Erasmus Mundus Do for Applicants

  • The application will be enrolled in universities and studying somewhere in the range of 2 to 4 universities during the Erasmus Scholarship Programme.
  • The student can decide to study in Europe as well as all over the world.
  • Erasmus Mundus scholarship is the best scholarship opportunity one can take advantage of. In addition to the fact that it is available to any nationality, the scholarship takes care of travel costs, tuition fees, living costs, and health protection.

Duration :

  • For Erasmus Bachelor Scholarship is 4 Years,
  • For Erasmus Mundus Master Program is 2 years
  • For Doctoral Program. Through Erasmus is 3 years

Eligibility Criteria

Any understudy from any piece of the world can apply

  • You should try to plan and take IELTS/TOEFL on a date before the main exams.
  • You can email the relevant project facilitators to get some information about the TOEFL/IELTL exception.
  • To prepare for the IELTS exam, please go to our free online IELTS exam preparation course.
  • You can check if your institution of the program is compatible with some of the other language tests.
  • The new variant of IELTS has been launched, Duolingo English Proficiency.
  • At 6.5 normal bands in IELTS, at any rate, is recognized for each programme.
  • There is no compelling reason to contact any guide, just find out the exact details on the program websites and apply by adhering to the instructions provided on the program website when it opens,
  • No work experience required.
  • Individuals in any event of 16 years of education can apply for it.
  • No age restrictions.
  • Furthermore, individuals with a GPA between 2.5 and 3.0 were selected. In this way, low GPA holders should strive.

How to Apply

For Erasmus Bachelors and Doctoral Programs (Visit Here). 

For Erasmus Mundus Master Programs (Visit Here).


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