Free full Python language course

Concept – Python is a high-level programming language that is simple to write and read, easy to learn, uses object-oriented programming (OOP), open source, and scalable.

Python is an interpretive language, multi-purpose and widely used in many fields, such as building independent programs using well-known graphical interfaces and in making web programs, in addition to using it as a scripting language to control the performance of some of the most famous programs or in building programs attached to them.

In general, Python can be used to program simple programs for beginners, and to accomplish large projects like any other programming language at the same time.

It is often recommended for beginners in the field of programming to learn this language because it is among the fastest-learning programming languages.

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Free complete Python language course:

Here is a complete course for learning the Python language, which is compiled from a number of episodes. The course reviews from the beginning the stages of installing Python on the computer, the installation of the program that will be worked on, the beginning of explaining all matters related to the language, and even the beginning of writing simple programs for beginners

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Python is a programming language invented by “Guido Van Rossum”, its first version was in 1991 and the version number in that year was 0.9.0 and the latest version carries the number 3.7.1, and version number 3 is the most used currently, and there is a migration Large from the old versions to version No. 3 and above, because of the improvements and support provided by this version.

Python is a high-level explanatory programming language used in many fields, such as the web and desktop programs and also used in game programming, thanks to the dozens of frameworks and powerful libraries that have made this language widely known, in addition to this that this language is very easy, as the code for this language Easy to write and read.

For example, you can program games through the PyGame library, which enables you to program games quickly and smoothly, and this library is a consecutive beginning to learn the basics of programming and designing games, you will learn about a set of techniques and structures for games, this does not mean that it is not suitable for making strong games, for example a game metin2 is based on this library, in addition to programming games you can also program desktop applications to do this there are many libraries the most famous of which is GTK or QT library.



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