Free PHP Language Course

In this course we will learn the PHP language from the basics to professionalism and you will be able, to create any project that was after you finished all the lessons of this course, especially since we have made a complete project for content management, which is a professional project that is not just a presentation of articles and others. You learn how to create a professional control panel with your ability to design a professional website interface also connected to the control panel through which you can completely manage your site. You will learn how to create a professional registration for members and modify their data, provided that the mail and username is unique, meaning not in the database and a lot of lessons The theory and the process that will teach you significant skills in an easy and understandable language (Arabic language) while taking your hand in the sea of ​​this language without leaving any part without explanation so that the information is clear to everyone and not leaving you confused about any issue.

What Will I Learn? What do I learn

  • Know the most important basics of the PHP language
  • Analyze any PHP code and find out its purpose
  • The ability to handle language-specific errors


  • Prior knowledge of HTML
  • Prior knowledge of CSS
  • Prior knowledge of Bootstrap
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 Who is the target audience for this course?

The course is very easy and anyone can learn it


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