How do you study a day before the exam?

You’re now a day before the exam and you know nothing about your courses, don’t be afraid you’re not alone in this predicament, a lot of students are going through this problem and the problem is going well, and they pass the school year successfully and that’s thanks to one day of studying in an intense and correct way. So whatever your class is, you have to relax and read this article quietly to make the most of it, preferably with a paper and a pen to write down the key points in the article.

  • One day before the exam, the mind must be programmed as the day when the curriculum is fully completed, and in order to do this properly, the hours of the day must be organized and a logical schedule must be put in place to make it easier to finish.
  • Its advised that the student should be optimistic and know that he can accomplish all the things that he’s built up, and he shouldn’t think about all the problems of his life and the other courses that he hasn’t opened yet. All he has to do is take the decision that’s just in his hands.
  • In addition to using resting time to relax, we need to take care of lighting and the right ways to read and sit, so as to avoid body and eye fatigue.
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Best-known plans for the night of the exam

  • At the beginning of the day, the student must take care to eat healthy foods useful to the body and mind, and take enough rest so that he or she can work with his or her mental strength without dispersing or failing to concentrate. After food and rest, the student will read the course quickly and fully in an attempt to take a general idea of the subject simply by compiling the headlines, and then divide the curriculum into several appropriate parts, then make a plan during the day.
  • Initial reading : This move takes an hour at the latest. Get your book or lectures that the professor gave, or any source you’ll study from, put in front of you.
  • Read the title of the article, the name of the professor, the catalogue of the book if there is an index and start with the first title, then the titles of the paragraphs in it and move to the second title, and so this way read the titles of the lectures or the lessons and the sub-paragraphs in the book without going into the same paragraphs, but as you read them, your eye has quickly taken an impression of the entire paragraphs.
  • Start by writing your own summary : Get a paper and a pen or a book and write down all the first two steps you have in mind. What did you remember about important addresses, drawings and ideas that might have stuck in your mind?
  • Quick Reading : This move may take longer than the first one, but it will be the third version of the method you’re going to store in your subconscious.
  • Go back to the first book, go back to the first chapter and start reading it so quickly that you don’t save any sentence, but read all the paragraphs carefully and link them to the titles and drawings you’ve already read. It’s important at this point to use the cursor while reading like a pen or finger or a small ruler so that you don’t displace while reading the paragraphs and follow

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