Java programming Course 2021

The Java language is an object-oriented programming language to be used as the thinking mind used to operate smart application devices on Android and IOS systems. The JavaScript language is considered one of the most widely used and widespread types of programming languages ​​due to its ease and ability to program interactive environments and / or applications commensurate with the requirements. And the desired goals of creating the application.

The Java language is considered a development of the C ++ programming language, which was invented by James Gosling in 1992, and since the Java 1 programming course provided for beginners, we review an introduction to the meaning of the term “programming language” and “syntax” in a way. General, and together we learn the steps and basics of writing any program, and learn about the types of databases in the computer and the ways the programming language deals with these different types of data.

The Java programming course 1 also introduces the fields of using the Java language and an introduction to dealing with mathematical operations and variables and their types, the assignment phrase, data entry, calculations and their priorities and will be able to print the outputs of the programs that you create, in addition to that the course explains how to determine the way the program will work through decision-making statements and types The different types of conditional sentences, compound and nested sentences, and typography sentences.

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In the Java 1 programming course, you will also learn the concept of mathematical functions, their uses, conditional functions and their operations. Explaining JavaScript as a student at the university will help you by giving you the ability to write the first program in the Java / JavaScript language yourself and use the control statements, (Print) and (PrintIn).

In the Java 1 programming course, we will focus on the basic rules that will enable you to write the code text. We will also talk about the advantages of Java that make it an important language among other programming languages, what are the reasons for focusing on it and teaching it in universities, and what are the reasons that make it required in the field of work in companies Institutions and others?

The Java 1 programming course explains the uses of the Java language, the most important types of databases in a computer, and the difference between each type, so that you have a clearer picture that distinguishes between all programming languages ​​and the JavaScript language.

Learn the basics of programming in the Java language and the uses of the Java language in this free course from Edraak entitled Programming in Java 1, which will also introduce you to modern programming languages ​​and areas of use of the Java language and provide a simple JavaScript explanation for students to be able to write the first code text for a small program.


You will learn in this course

  • An introduction to modern programming languages
  • Fundamentals of programming in the Java language
  • Areas of use of the Java language
  • The general formula and features of the Java language
  • Types of computer databases
  • Variables: their definition, types, and processes on them
  • Arithmetic operations, conditional statements, and print sentence

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