Russian Government Scholarship 2021

The Russian Government Scholarship 2021 provides every year the opportunity for students from all countries of the world to fulfill their ambitions to study in Russian universities for free across many specializations, and guarantees exemption from tuition fees and a monthly salary of 1500 to 3000 rubles depending on the university and according to the university level.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has announced that Russian cooperation with the Russian Foreign Ministry for the opening date of registration scholarships Russian starting from the 20th of January to the date of February 20, 2021,

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Advantages of studying in the Russian Federation:

According to the data of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Russia is the most educated country in the world, and according to this index, it surpasses Canada, Japan, Israel and the United States. More than half of Russian citizens have higher education. Every year, more than 270,000 people come from 168 countries around the world to study at Russian universities.

Education in Russia also has many advantages, as it is possible to obtain deep basic knowledge in all disciplines, but most of all, the country is famous for its strong science schools in the field of physical, mathematical and natural sciences. It is internationally recognized for its preparation of mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, physicians and other natural sciences professionals. This is confirmed by the sites of Russian universities in the international rankings (see the section “Russian universities in world rankings”).

eligible to apply for the Russian government scholarship 2021:

  • All nationalities

And also:

  • Syrian citizens.
  • People without a nationality.
  • Russian citizens residing in Syria (and those who do not have residence in Russia).

Available specialties:

The Russian scholarship usually includes all the specializations in the Russian universities that are included in the scholarship, including medical, engineering and other programs such as:

  • Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence,
  • Clinical medicine and public health,
  • Computer and Data Science,
  • Business and management,
  • Politics and international relations,
  • Biology and Biotechnology,
  • Neuroscience and Psychology,
  • physics,
  • Linguistics and Modern Languages,
  • Chemistry and materials science,
  • Economics and Economics,
  • Engineering and technology,
  • geology.
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Funding provided in the Russian government scholarship 2021:

  • 100% coverage on tuition fees for scholarship winning students.
  • A monthly stipend of between 1500 and 3000 rubles.

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Documents required to apply for the Russian government scholarship 2021:

Applicants must upload electronic copies of the following documents:

  • A copy of the passport, valid for at least two years.
  • A copy of the documents that prove the current academic level.
  • Secondary school certificate with a table of marks (for university applicants).
  • Certificate of completion of university studies with the table of marks for the applicant for postgraduate studies (Master – PhD).
  • An applicant who will finish high school in 2021 must present a document and grades for the tenth and eleventh grades, along with a confirmation letter from the school that he is a baccalaureate student.
  • An applicant who will finish his university studies in 2021 must present a document proving that, along with the grades table for all years of his university studies and a status statement from the university confirming that he is a student in the last year.
  • Postgraduate applicants (Master – PhD) must submit a research seminar in Russian or English, as well as a list of scientific research related to them.

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How to apply for the Russian government scholarship 2021:

The first stage:

Students wishing to apply must fill in the form that will be placed on the website accurately and correctly.

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You must fill in the form correctly with the addition of a personal photo, a scanned copy of the passport, the required educational documents and a list of grades, and do not forget to include the mobile number of the applicant, as well as his e-mail, where he will be contacted through them, as well as choosing the major and the university (6 universities as a maximum) where you can choose six wishes Different within six different universities from the application for the scholarship, but you cannot choose more than three wishes from one federal district, as there are eight federal regions in Russia and you must choose no more than three wishes in each. Therefore, we recommend placing the first desire as the best option for you, and then placing the other desires after it in the desired order.

The deadline for the first phase is February 20, as a maximum (that is, the form has become in revision) for educational documents.

The second phase:

The Russian Cultural Center in Damascus selects the applicants registered on the site and sends an invitation to participate in the evaluation stage. The Russian Cultural Center will notify the scholarship applicants (whose forms have been verified) either by email or the applicant’s mobile number or by posting on the grant website the date, timing, location and conditions of the evaluation.

A working group consisting of representatives of the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus and leading Russian universities will evaluate the applicants through the Portfolio File Competition and an online interview.

third level:

Based on the evaluation results, a list of shortlisted candidates for the scholarship is drawn up. Here are the shortlisted candidates:

  • Provide health certificates as well as certified translations.
  • A backup list of candidates will be established in the event that one of the selected candidates waives his right to the scholarship.
  • Documents confirming the personal achievements of the candidates.
  • Recommendation letters from Russian universities, if any, as well as patents for scientific inventions and a list of scientific publications for applicants (for master’s programs, postgraduate / doctoral studies, and medical residency).
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Please note that candidates who apply for technical or sports majors must take additional exams as a second stage in Russian universities. The candidate must inquire in advance about the details and timing of additional entrance exams at the universities concerned.

The fourth stage:

A list of the selected scholarship candidates is sent to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, which conducts the second step of the selection process with Russian universities ready to receive students.

Steps for applying and admission to Russian universities and the Russian government scholarship 2021:

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Important notes about the Russian scholarship:

  • Please note that the scholarship is provided free of charge and without any cost. Therefore, we ask you not to approach any parties and institutions that provide intermediate services related to admission to Russian universities within the framework of this program.
  • All of these documents mentioned above must be translated and certified by the concerned authorities
  • The website can be viewed in any language the student wants, but the form must be filled out in Russian exclusively.
  • We confirm that no application will be accepted after February 20, 2021.

In the event that the applicant faces any difficulty in registering and filling out the form on the website, he can communicate directly with the staff of the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus via the number: 0112317158 or via e-mail: [email protected]

Official website of the Russian Government Scholarship 2021

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