Scholarship to study German online

Students from all around the world are invited to apply for a scholarship from the International Institute for Communication to learn the German language because it will be offered online and is free of charge.

They provide you with the training programme of your choice. As German is the primary language of instruction at the institute from the beginning, education there goes beyond simply teaching you some grammar principles. It also includes training you in free reading and a strong grasp of audio, as well as teaching you how to speak the language fluently.

German language scholarship details:

  • The International Institute for Communication is the venue (IIK)
  • German language course, level
  • Study locations: online
  • Students from all over the world who do not speak German are the target audience.

Eligibility criteria :

German language proficiency at the level of B1 is required for enrollment in this course.

How to apply for a German scholarship:

Now that you have uploaded the required documents, you can apply using the link at the end of the article.

  1. CV
  2. An overview of your present position (Cover letter).
  3. A letter you wrote yourself as part of your IIK scholarship application.
  4. Here, you should explain why taking a German language course is important to you.
  5. Letter of recommendation
  6. A brief statement that you can’t pay the course costs due to financial constraints

You can now read more details through the link below:


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