Study in Malaysia Without IELTS 2022

There are a lot of Malaysian universities that are ranked under 500 in the world and are ranked among the top 20 universities in Malaysia. As Malaysia has gained popularity over the past few years, anyone can complete Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs from Malaysian universities without the IELTS test.

There are approximately 100,000 international students from over 150 countries studying in Malaysia. You can also check the list of other countries where you can study without IELTS. In fact, it is the eleventh most popular study destination worldwide according to UNESCO. Below is a list of top universities that offer admission without IELTS in Malaysia.

List of Universities to Study in Malaysia Without IELTS

1- Asia Pacific University

The Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) is ranked among the excellent private universities in Malaysia.

2- City University Malaysia

The university offers a variety of academic courses. You can apply for admission without IELTS in any of the study programs you want.

3- Manipal International University

The important fact is that an individual does not need to appear in the IELTS test in order to be accepted into private Malaysian universities.

4- Swinburne University Malaysia campus

Explore the disciplines you want from the university to register without submitting IELTS scores.

5- Curtin University Malaysia campus

Curtin University is the largest international campus of a university in Malaysia.

6- Inti University

After gaining admission to the university, you will be able to enjoy various amenities and facilities for your academic and personal growth.

How to Study in Malaysian Universities Without IELTS?

Very simple and easy method accepted by Malaysian universities.

  • You can study for free and without IELTS in Malaysia.
  • If you have obtained your previous degree in English.
  • Applicants may apply on behalf of the Certificate of English Proficiency.
  • Students need to provide an official acknowledgment or certificate that is printed and stamped as proof that previous education was in English.

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