Sabanci University Scholarship 2023 in Turkey | Fully Funded

International students now have the full opportunity to apply and are accepted into the Turkish Sabanci University Scholarship, which is the best, as the Sabanci University scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for Master’s and doctoral degrees, and therefore all international students are eligible to apply for it completely free of charge 

The university also provides Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in all academic fields and specialties, in addition, the scholarship will cover all the costs of studying for a degree from Turkey under the scholarship.

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Some important information about Sabanci University 

The seeds of Sabanci University and the Social Responsibility Program, which is the most comprehensive of the Sabanci group in education, were laid in the summer of 1995 at a research conference attended by 50 academics from 22 countries, as well as students and representatives of the private sector. however, this meeting is only the beginning because it marks the beginning of a large-scale process in which we review leading educational institutions in Turkey and around the world to understand how they work and determine what makes them a successful base.

Scholarship Duration

  • BS Scholarship: (4 Years)
  • MS Scholarships: (3 Years)
  • PhD Scholarship: (4 Years)

The Sabanci University scholarship is fully funded. Every international student applying to this university is fully approved for a scholarship when they meet all the requirements.

In addition, the university is working to provide a monthly stipend for full tuition fees, support for special sleeping places, and other basic requirements, and the estimated financial support from the university is as follows:

  • Master: 2500 TL/10 months + Anavar.
  • For Ph.D.: 3000 TL/12 months + Anavar.

Eligibility Criteria

International students who are in the last year of high school or have graduated from a school equivalent to a Turkish high school can apply for Bachelor’s programs offered by Sabanci University, the criteria for which are as follows:

  1.  International students.
  2. Persons who have Turkish citizenship at birth and renounce Turkish citizenship and their children under the age of 18 are included in the waiver document, but the proof of their rights is stated in Article 7 of the Turkish citizenship law No. 5901, “any person born either in Turkey or abroad, the marriage of a Turkish mother or father is a Turkish citizen. “Candidates wishing to apply in the category of” applying from abroad ” should check the Turkish citizenship law.
  3. Those who have citizenship of other countries at the time of birth; and those who have acquired citizenship of the Republic of Turkey / have dual citizenship
  4. Persons who have the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey and completed the last 3 years of Secondary Education in a country other than the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus before January 2, 2013. (Including those who have fully completed their secondary education in Turkish secondary schools operating in countries other than the TRNC within the scope of the MEP. )
  5. Those who started their secondary education abroad after January 2, 2013, and completely completed their secondary education abroad other than in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. (Including those who have completed their full secondary education at a Turkish secondary school administered in another country except the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus within the scope of the MEP. )
  6. Holders of Turkish citizenship or dual citizenship (one of them is a Turkish citizen) must have completed their secondary education in formal education (not distance education) abroad. Such applicants will need to prove their official education by producing the relevant pages in their passport indicating that he has entered the country of high school during their high school education.
  7. Those who have citizenship of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and reside in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and completed their secondary education in the GCE system, and those who are enrolled in the GCE system and completed their secondary education 2005-2010 abroad.

For graduate students: the admission requirements for each of the graduate programs offered by Sabanci University are determined by the individual faculties in accordance with the specific requirements of the program.

What fields of study are available at Sabanci University scholarship

  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Computer science and engineering (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)
  • Cybersecurity (master, Ph.D.)
  • Electronics Engineering (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)
  • Energy technology and Management (Master Ph.D.)
  • Industrial Engineering (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)
  • Manufacturing Engineering (MSc, Ph.D.)
  • Materials science and nanoengineering (Bachelor Master Ph.D.)
  • Mathematics (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)
  • Molecular Biology Genetics and Bioengineering (Bachelor Master Ph.D.)
  • Physics (Master, Ph.D.)
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Cultural studies
  • Economics (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.)
  • History (Master, Ph.D.)
  • Political science and international relations
  • Political Science (Master, Ph.D.)
  • Psychology (bachelor, master)
  • Turkish Studies
  • Visual arts and Visual Communication Design
  • Sabanci Business School
  • Master of business analytics (MSC)
  • Management (Bachelor, Ph.D.)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Seabank-university scholarship
  • Seabank-university scholarship

How to apply for Sabanci University scholarship 2023 in Turkey

There is an online application process to apply for the Sabanci University scholarship. There is no separate application to apply for the scholarship. Accepted applicants are automatically considered for an award. Undergraduate and graduate application links:

  • At the undergraduate level.
  • For the graduate.

How To Apply 

For Undergraduate Scholarship

For Graduate

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