The Austrian Government Scholarship 2023

The Austrian government offers scholarships for undergraduate and masters students, This fully funded scholarship is open to international students, postgraduate students, and PhD students. Also, the Austrian citizen is not eligible to apply.

The Austria Government Scholarship its goal is to enable all talented students to independently pursue and complete their research and innovative ideas. Furthermore, Masters students wishing to complete scholarly research and dissertation work while on this scholarship program can also apply.

An overview of the Austrian government scholarship

A fully funded research scholarship program it was established by the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria in 2005. Austrian scholarships for international students are also available for undergraduate, masters and postgraduate students. It is one of the best opportunities for international students to study in Europe with a scholarship.

The scholarship program offers many research grants in various fields such as natural sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, human medicine, health sciences, humanities, technical sciences, and the arts.

Scholarships and research in the fields of natural sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, human medicine, health sciences, humanities, technical sciences, and the arts.

Austrian government scholarship details:

  • Host country: Austria
  • Course Level: Short Course, Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Funding: Full Scholarships & Partial Scholarship

Study majors

The Austria Government Scholarship will be provided in the areas of:

  •  Hotel management
  •  Antiquities and Museums
  •  International economy
  •  Political economy
  •  economics and business
  •  Accounting
  •  Optics
  •  Date
  •  Education
  •  E-Marketing
  •  Visual design and effects
  •  graphic design
  •  Photography
  •  education
  •  Nutrition
  •  Technology and computer science
  •  Nursing
  •  Geography
  •  Islamic studies
  •  Environmental Studies
  •  Japanese Studies
  •  Sports
  •  Maths
  •  Tourism and hotel
  •  Press and media
  •  Public Health
  •  The pharmacy
  •  Human Medicine
  •  Human medicine and dentistry
  •  Veterinary Medicine
  •  Molecular Medicine
  •  Aviation
  •  Membership
  •  Natural therapy
  •  Social science
  •  Humanities
  •  applied Sciences
  •  Analytical Chemistry
  •  Digital science
  •  Agricultural Sciences
  •  Political Science
  •  Medical Sciences
  •  Natural and Social Sciences
  •  Military Science
  •  Water sciences
  •  Architecture
  •  Philosophy
  •  Art, music and design
  •  Arts
  •  Design, Visual Communication and Film
  •  Physics
  •  Law
  •  law and politics
  •  Biochemistry
  •  Languages
  •  Spanish
  •  English language
  •  Danish language
  •  Arabic
  •  German language
  •  French language
  •  Latin language
  •  Linguistics and Cultural Studies
  •  Accounting
  •  Electronic simulation
  •  HR
  •  Music
  •  Engineering
  •  electrical engineering
  •  Mechanical engineering
  •  Biomedical Engineering
  •  civil engineering
  •  History of Art and Civilizations
  •  Bio nanotechnology
  •  Textile technology
  •  Human rights
  •  Leading businesses
  •  Dentist
  •  Biology
  •  Psychology and Psychiatry
  •  Data science
  •  Space Science
  •  Communications Engineering
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Computer and Informatics Engineering
  •  Power engineering
  •  Metallurgical Engineering and Manufacturing
  •  Chemical Engineering
  •  Petrol Engineering

Funding provided through an Austrian government grant

  • A monthly salary of up to 1,050 euros
  • Health insurance for the participants.
  • Residence in university housing.
  • Travel allowance will be provided.

Eligibility criteria for the Austrian government scholarship

  • All international students are eligible to apply.
  • Students who are working on their studies at Bachelor’s or Master’s level can apply.
  • Any candidate who has already benefited from this scholarship, whether in a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, is not eligible to apply.
  • At least six months have passed since the candidate’s last visit to Austria for research, academic or study purposes.
  • The age of the candidate is less than 35 years while applying for a research scholarship at the bachelor’s or master’s degree level.
  • The age of the candidate is less than 40 years while applying for a PhD Research Scholarship. degree level.

How to apply for the Austrian government scholarship 2023?

  1. Online application by visiting the official portal of the university is available to all students.
  2. Submitting his CV and research plan along with the application form are among the things that the candidate must submit.
  3. Attach all of the following documents to the Austria Scholarship Online Application:
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Passport.
  • University degree certificate and transcript.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • School/university transcript.
  • Training certificates (optional).

The application deadline for the Austria Republic Scholarships in Europe is 01 September.


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