The Opportunity To Volunteer In Belgium Within The European Youth Portal


  • Host venue: Ostend, Belgium.
  • Grantor: mu-zee-um vzw
  • Funding: fully funded.
  • Stages: All academic levels starting from the university (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD).
  • Duration: 52 weeks
  • No application fee required.
  • Language certificate is not required.
  • Many advantages.
  • Learning a new language (Dutch), job opportunity, various activities.

Information about volunteering activity:

  • The Youth Creative Program focuses on cultural participation in all aspects of life.
  • The grant project aspires to a certain stimulation of the fields of art and cultural habits of children and youth.
  • The desire to include new ideas and a wide range of experiences in the association.
  • Coordination and exchange are keywords in this project.
  • There are many learning opportunities for scholarship volunteers such as:
  • Discover many kinds of arts, new skills and a new language.
  • Engage children and young people together in creative sessions and teach them to take responsibility for realizing a special project.
  • Participants will learn how projects are prepared, how private conceptualization sessions and workshops are conducted, what methodology the scholarship uses to teach art, and how they can organize and take responsibilities for themselves in private projects, courses or sessions.
  • The volunteer will work a lot with young people and will participate in workshops with them.
  • Note: The volunteer will also get the opportunity to work with youth on projects.

Advantages :

  • Accommodation: The volunteer will have a private room for students in the student house, with a shared kitchen and bathroom for all students.
  • Transportation: Oostende is a large intermediate place in the city of Flanders, Belgium. The volunteer will also have his own bike to travel with.
  • Food: The volunteer receives a food allowance to take care of all food and meals in the amount of €240 per month.
  • Other expenses: the volunteer gets pocket money in the amount of: 110 euros per month.
  • Language lessons: the volunteer will receive an individual language course, with special focus on working in the organization and everyday situations.

Note: The organization is interested in training the volunteer before leaving, as the volunteer will get all the information about the instructions and the organization of his stay during the program.

Admission criteria to volunteer in Belgium:

Mu-zee-um gives preference to candidates with the following profile:

  • Enthusiastic and influential personality.
  • Prepare to learn Dutch even take a course before starting the project.
  • Independent and keen to take initiative.

Some experience in specific areas such as art education or youth work is an added value. Flexible and responsible volunteers are expected to integrate as a full member of the team, participating in all activities going on in the association.

Required documents :

(All in English):

  • CV.
  • Letter of Intent: A letter in which the applicant explains the reasons for applying for this opportunity and what distinguishes him.
    Papers are prepared and sent to this email: [email protected]


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