Top 5 free online translation courses… You can develop your skills here

If you are looking for free translation courses and do not know where to find them, or you would like to get more experience and knowledge about translation but do not have enough time, or you want to enter the labor market in this field, you are in the right place!

Because we have selected the best 5 free online translation courses that you can rely on to start your translation journey or to develop your abilities in it and improve your level

1 – Translation from the beginning to professionalism – Al-Dareen Forum for Free Distance Learning:

At the end of this course, you will be familiar with the principles and rules of translation from Arabic to English and vice versa, and you will be able to apply grammar rules, know the difference between Arabic and English, hands-on translation, the correct way to use linguistic words, how to translate and its requirements.

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2 – The foundations of translating Islamic religious texts – Rwaq platform:

This course focuses on translating the religious content of Islamic civilization and its culture and transferring this noble culture to non-Arabs

It includes a lot of information, rules, methods, tools and references that are related to translating Islamic texts and explaining the basic rules.

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3 – Translation courses (basic skills for translation – Rewaq platform):

The course begins with an introduction to translation, its types, clarification of its qualities and characteristics of a good translation, in addition to translating terminology and understanding the components on which the translator depends, in addition to discussing the problems, caveats and obstacles related to translation, and then speaking with preference about the skills needed by the translator to be a successful and distinguished translator.

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4 – Principles of general translation from English into Arabic – Rewaq platform:

The course consists of 4 lectures, each of which contains a lot of valuable information. At the end of the course, the student will know the types of translation, ways to divide and classify them, the difference between Arabization and translation, translation strategies and methods, the differences between the Arabic and English languages, as well as translation problems and how they can be overcome. .

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5 – Translation courses (professional translation, a full course ):

The course is a set of videos in which you will learn translation in various fields including legal translation – medical translation in addition to translation theories and applications, textual patterns and linguistic methods.

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