Training of trainers (TOT) free online course with certificate

You may be an expert in one of the fields, and this shows how you perform the tasks that you are an expert in, but what if you are asked to transfer this experience to others? Will you be able to transfer it easily, efficiently, and with the same craftsmanship as you have in your area of ​​expertise? Studies indicate that most of the distinguished experts usually fail to pass on their expertise to others!

You may have encountered during your university studies a number of professors at the university who are referred to as having international research in their field of specialization, but when you were attending lectures for them or for some of them, you were suffering from the way they were explained and that they did not have the ability to communicate their simplest information to you and to the rest of their students! Hence, it becomes evident that the owner of any experience, in any field, must be trained on how to transfer his experiences to others, and this is the goal of the so-called training of trainers program.

What you will learn on the TOT course

  • You will learn in this course
  • By the end of this course, the trainee will be able to:
  • Knows the concept of coaching science
  • It lists the most important knowledge and skills that a professional trainer should possess
  • Distinguish between the basic learning styles of the trainees.
  • Realizes the importance of preparing trainers professionally.
  • Performs some simple training activities inside the training room.
  • Realizes the importance of treating trainees as adult learners.
  • There is a positive trend towards the importance of providing interactive training rather than indoctrination.
  • Discussing the characteristics of learning and how to use them to provide successful training.
  • Initially, the general framework for the training sessions is planned.
  • Known as the intended training program.
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How to apply for the Training of Trainers course: TOT

You can apply through the link below easily, where you must first register and create a free account on the platform, after that you will be able to register for the course and start learning



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