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The World Health Organization offers free, unrestricted access to these brief online courses from anywhere in the world. A free certificate will be given to course participants. Records of accomplishment and participation confirmations are the two different sorts of certificates that OpenWHO gives.

Why are you holding out? Sign up today to receive free WHO certificates.

Host Organisation:

  • World Health Organisations


  • OpenWho (first WHO platform can accommodate any number of users in times of medical emergency)

What types of courses does OpenWHO offer?

Basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of free online courses with free credentials are offered by OpenWHO under four channels:

  • Outbreak: introduces information and resources about particular disorders.
  • Go social!: focuses on initiatives that cut across disciplines, including risk communication.
  • Ready for response: explains how to best respond to emergencies and provide humanitarian aid.
  • Preparing for pandemics: brings together lessons on a range of influenza-related topics.

OpenWHO also creates unique knowledge resource bundles that are customised from existing information during emergencies.


  • Free for all
  • No restrictions based on nationality
  • Without Academic Restraints
  • Self-Paced
  • Online Certificate Program Course
  • Access to Essay
  • Multiple Languages Available

What languages are courses offered in?

  • Short courses are offered by OpenWHO in more than 20 languages, including many of the UN’s official tongues and the regional tongues of communities impacted by specific outbreaks.

WHO Online Courses Eligibility Criteria:

  • Everyone Welcome
  • Without Academic Restraints
  • No restrictions based on nationality

How to create an account on OpenWho?

By clicking the “Create an Account” button at the conclusion of the article, you can access the platform website. At the upper right of the screen, select the “Log in” tab. Select “Create new account” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the tab.

A confirmation email for your account will be sent to you. Click “Confirm email” after opening the email. Check your spam folder and move the email to your regular mailbox if you do not receive it within a few minutes.

After that, you will be taken to the “Terms of Use” page. Please click on the blue lettering that says “terms of usage” to view the Terms of Use page. If you agree with what you’ve read, click “Proceed” after checking the box that says, “I have read and accept the terms of use.”

After that, you will be taken to the “My profile” page where you can examine and edit your personal data as needed.

You must answer the questions in the “Required information” section before continuing. Each question has a drop-down bar with a response option. Choose a response, then click the checkbox to save it.

How to Enroll in WHO Free Online Courses? Complete Video Guide

How to enroll in an OpenWHO free online course?

You can select the course you want to take from OpenWHO’s list of available courses once you have registered in and formed an account there.

Click the “Enroll me for this course” button to sign up for the course.

You can start the course right away or come back at a later time once you’ve registered.


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