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The World Health Organisation short online courses are free of cost and open to anyone from any corner of the world. Those who completed the course will get a free certificate. OpenWHO offers two types of certificates: records of achievement and confirmations of participation.

What are you waiting for? Enroll Now and earn free certificates from WHO. 

Host Organisation:

  • World Health Organisations


  • OpenWho (First WHO platform to host unlimited users during health emergencies)

What types of courses does OpenWHO offer?

OpenWHO offers three levels of online free courses with free certificates: basic, intermediate and advanced, under four channels:

  • Outbreak: introduces knowledge and tools on specific diseases.
  • Go social!: focuses on cross-cutting interventions such as risk communication.
  • Ready for response: talks about humanitarian response and how best to engage in emergency situations.
  • Preparing for pandemics: brings together courses on various aspects of influenza events.

During emergencies, OpenWHO also produces special knowledge resources packages adapted from existing content.


  • Free to Everyone
  • No Nationality Restrictions
  • No Academic Restrictions
  • Self-Paced
  • Online Course with Free Certificate
  • Essay to Access
  • Available in Multiple Languages

What languages are courses offered in?

  • OpenWHO hosts short courses in over 20 languages, including many of the UN official languages and the local languages of communities affected by particular outbreaks.
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WHO Online Courses Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to Everyone
  • No Academic Restrictions
  • No Nationality Restrictions

How to create an account on OpenWho?

Access the platform webpage via the ” Create an Account” button at the end of the article. Click on the “Log in” tab at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the “Create new account” option at the bottom of the dropdown tab. 

You will receive an email to confirm your account. Open the email and click on “Confirm email”. If you do not receive this email within a couple of minutes, please check your spam folder and move the email to your primary mailbox.

You will then be directed to the “Terms of Use” page. Please review the Terms of Use document by clicking on the blue text which reads “terms of use”. If you are satisfied with what you have read, then check the box which reads “I have read and accept the terms of use” and click “Proceed”.

You will then be directed to the “My profile” page where you can review your personal information and make changes if necessary.

Before proceeding, you must respond to the questions under the section entitled “Required information”. Select a response from the drop-down tab next to each question, then click the checkmark to save your answer.

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How to Enroll in WHO Free Online Courses? Complete Video Guide

How to enroll in an OpenWHO free online course?

Once you have created an account on OpenWHO and are logged in, you can choose the course you want to take from the list of available courses on OpenWHO.

To enroll in the course, click on the button which reads “Enroll me for this course.”

Once enrolled, you can start the course immediately or come back later.


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